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New Patient Video!

We have been working hard to make things easier for our customers. This has manifested in a few ways. One of which has been creating many "how-to" videos on our Youtube Channel. Our newest video explains to patients how to use our SleepSat 3-D Hi-Res Oximeter overnight. We have included a link to the video at the end of this blog post. Your patients can easily find the video online, at or by searching on YouTube for "SleepSat patient instructions".

To use the Sleep Sat 3-D Hi-Res Oximeter overnight:

  • Take out the patient instructions, finger sensor, and the SleepSat device.

    • Remove your watch and any jewelry you are wearing as well. Fingernails should be clean and polish free.

  • Plug finger sensor into the SleepSat wrist unit.

  • Put wrist band on your non-dominant arm. Adjust to fit.

  • Insert one of your fingers into the sensor. Make sure your finger is inserted COMPLETELY! Your fingertip should touch the end of the sensor.

    • Optional: Attach the sensor cable loosely to the back of the hand.

  • Press in on the power button firmly until the display lights up. Lie still for 2 minutes before falling asleep.

    • If the finger sensor on your SleepSat comes off or is removed during the night, or, if the wrist unit is flashing "Sen Off": Put the sensor back on (make sure your finger is fully inserted), and press the power button firmly until the display lights back up.

  • In the morning: Take the oximeter off. The oximeter will turn off automatically after 2 minutes.

If you're interested in checking out our new Instructional Video you can watch below, you can head to our website, or you can watch it on our YouTube Channel.

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