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Cleaning your SleepSat

Infection control is important. Therefore, we want to provide you with a summary of manufacturer, AASM and CDC recommendations to take into consideration when cleaning and disinfecting your SleepSat 3-D High-resolution pulse oximeter.

Here is a step-by-step guide on cleaning your SleepSat:

  1. Consider pre-cleaning the wrist band with water and a mild detergent. Never submerge the main SleepSat unit in water or disinfectant.

  2. Clean the unit, band, and sensor prior to disinfecting to remove visible soil and adhesive residue.

  3. Thoroughly wipe down the unit, band, and sensor with wipes or cloth saturated in a 70% Isopropanol alcohol solution according to the instructions on the disinfectant packaging.

  1. "As an extra precaution, it would be best to remove a reusable device from service for at least 72 hours in addition to disinfection before its next use."

  2. The SleepSat units should be cleaned and sanitized according to CDC disinfection standards and manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Generally, the manufacturer's instructions plus the added AASM recommendation are in line with the CDC standard. However, we recommend reviewing the full CDC standard.

  • Consider storage and handling of cleaned/disinfected equipment. For example, come up with a plan to store equipment so that it is at low-risk of re-contamination, and instruct staff on the proper use of PPE when handling equipment.

  • Complete manufacturer instructions are on pg 20 of the SleepSat Manual (Download). If 70% Isopropanol alcohol solution cannot be found, other recommended disinfectants include ethanol 70% and glutaraldehyde-type 2% liquid disinfectants.

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